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Physikalische apparate: Preisliste Nr. 21


The progress of Physics (to which as heretofore I give my full attention) has of late years effected a continuous increase in my productions of Physical Apparatus, a large part of which being of my own construction. A considerable number of apparatus of older construction have, in addition, undergone essential improvements so that my Price-list No. 12 no longer gave an exact survey of the entirety and extent of the instruments of my manufacture.
I have, therefore, decided to issue an entirely new Price-list, revised and essentially increased in subject matter and by the addition of a great number of new illustrations I have endeavoured so to arrange thesame to facillitate every possible insight.
In committing, herewith, this Price-list to Physicists and other Experts I beg that it may be frequently brought into service and that the same measure of confidence so richly placed in me in the past may be retained for me in the future. I would also, in view of the great labour and heavy expense created in the production of the Price-list, express the hope that it will be carefully preserved as a work of reference. However flattering to me the imitations may be, so notoriously displayed by several of my competitors, namely, with regard to the selection of illustrations and figure-tables from my Price-list, I desire to warn them as to such conduct in the future, it being my intention to institute legal proceedings for any infringement of my Copyright.
For the benefit of those who are interested but who have no closer acquaintance with my firm I hereunder give a few established facts relating thereto.
The firm of Max Kohl, Workshops for Mechanism of Precision and Electrotechnics in Chemnitz, Saxony, was established by myself on the 14th March 1876, and by gradual increments has developed into its present extension.


  • Max Kohl

    Físico alemán. Creo la Industria de Mecánica en Técnicas Químicas el 14 de Marzo de 1876. En 1888 la firma tenía 19 empleados; en 1911 su personal ascendía a 405 trabajadores. Max Kohl muere en 1908 y después de eso la companía siguió adelante como Max Kohl AG. A partir de 1938 la planta fue una productora de arma para "El Tercer Reich" y fue bombardeada durante la Segunda Guerra Mundial. Luego de la Guerra, la companía fue removida y a partir de 1949 se volvió a abrir con otro nombre. Algunos de sus catálogos están ahora recuperados por la Universidad Nacional de La Plata.

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