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Pulsations Along Stellar Evolution : Proceedings of the VIII La Plata International School


The VIII La Plata International School was successfully held in the period 2019 November 11 - 22 on the campus of the Universidad Nacional de La Plata. The school was organized by the research group Modelos de Estrellas Peculiares (MEP) of the Facultad de Ciencias Astronómicas y Geofísicas (FCAG). The subject of this school was Pulsations Along Stellar Evolution. The offered lectures covered a wide range of topics such as stellar evolution, theoretical concepts of stellar pulsations, observing and data analysis techniques, along with practical courses for the analysis of selected pulsating stars. The ultimate goal of the Summer School was that the participants deepen their understanding of the physics of stellar pulsations and learn relevant techniques to analyze and properly interpret observational data of pulsating stars. This was achieved by the active participation in a number of courses dealing with theoretical exercises and practical computer-based exercises. This volume provides a comprehensive summary of the lectures that were presented during the school.


  • Michaela Kraus

    Astronomical Institute, Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic

  • Andrea F. Torres


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